Making the Beetle Juice Halloween Costume

The final look that we created was a feminine and beautiful Beetle Juice. How crazy is that? It seemed almost impossible to create a Beetle Juice that wasn’t an ugly, balding man. Our model, Shyanne, was a wonderful pick to be Beetle Juice. She had the attitude necessary to carry the costume, while still looking …

Eyelash Extension Care

Lash Tips to Maintain Extensions During Warmer Months

Summer Eyelash Extension Care Tips

With summer coming to an end, everyone’s trying to squeeze in one more last minute beach trip, soaking up as much sun as possible and swimming with friends before cold weather sets in. Just as we need sunscreen to protect our skin from UV damage, extensions need extra protection and care during warmer, more sunny …

Education Wellness

Proceed with Caution: What to Do About Adhesive Allergies

lash adhesive allergies

  Adhesive allergies and a lack of proper understanding of why they occur is an increasing problem in the lash extension industry. Both parties, lash artists and clients, are often frustrated and perplexed when a client that has never had a reaction before starts having sensitivities. The bottom-line is that lash allergies get worse the …