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how to pay for lash certification

How to Pay For Lash Extension Certification

Let’s face it. Eyelash extension certification and training can feel like it will use up practically all of your savings or extra income. With the burden of being a newly graduated student from cosmetology school or a hairstylist struggling to make ends meet, it can almost seem like too much to take on financially. In …

hands on eyelash extension training

Introducing the Bella Lash Academy: 4 Ways This Program Is Unlike Any Other

You may have seen a little something new when you‘ve looked at our Instagram, Facebook and website. After years of leading the industry in training, Bella Lash has impoved our approach to training future lash artists. Here are four ways that Bella Lash is revolutionizing eyelash extension training:   With Bella Lash Academy, students will …

lash adhesive allergies
Education Wellness

Proceed with Caution: What to Do About Adhesive Allergies

  Adhesive allergies and a lack of proper understanding of why they occur is an increasing problem in the lash extension industry. Both parties, lash artists and clients, are often frustrated and perplexed when a client that has never had a reaction before starts having sensitivities. The bottom-line is that lash allergies get worse the …

Royal Lash Extension

Meet Bella’s Latest Innovation: The Royal Lash!

The eyelash industry is constantly progressing and developing which is why here at Bella Lash, we are consistently striving to keep our lash artists with the most innovative products to make lashing easier for them! The latest creation in the industry is the flat lash, or otherwise know as an ellipse lash. Here at Bella Lash, we …

How to keep your lashes clean

How to Keep your Lashes Clean and Hygienic

Why is keeping your client’s lashes hygienic so important? According to The Review of Ophthalmology, one of the leading causes of Demodex Forrliculorum (eye mites) is improper hygiene. Once infested, these mites can cause blepharitis. The good news is that they can often be removed by proper hygiene including total body cleansing with shampoo or …