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Join the Bella Lash Talent Team

  Bella Lash is looking for experienced lash artists to join our Talent Team! When you’re a member of the Bella Lash Talent Team, not only do you receive exclusive benefits, you have the opportunity to build friendships with other talented artists in the industry, expand your personal brand and grow with Bella Lash! Our …

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How to Organize Your Lash Space and Make It Comfortable for Clients

Lash Room Organization

Organizing and decorating your lash space is not an easy task. Sometimes, you do all you can to end up not feeling totally in love with your space. Here are a few tips to help make your space more client friendly:   Invest in Comfortable Bedding! There is absolutely nothing worse for a client than …

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How to Start Off On the Right Foot in Your Lash Business

business tips

Starting a lash business can be difficult. How can you guarantee that moving from a salon to your own business was the right move? What should be your first plans of action after getting your business license and a place to lash? We’ve compiled a few of our best tips to get you started in …


Tip Tuesday: How to Use Lash Detox to Your Advantage as Lash Artist

Lash Tip Tuesday: Use Lash Detox Tips

Bella Lash Detox is a gentle foaming, lightweight, oil-free eyelash extension cleanser that can be used as an add-on service for clients to remove makeup from the eye area. You can also use Lash Detox on clients with super sensitive eyes after a full set or fill. Here are some ways to use Lash Detox …

Eyelash Extension Care

Eyelash Extension Safe Makeup and Skincare

Eyelash Extension Safe Makeup and Skincare

Whether you are into really into beauty or not, even the simplest beauty routine requires some care and planning when you have eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions can make your morning routine more efficient and simple. What about every other day? Read on to learn what to use and what to avoid when you have eyelash …


Customizing Lash Extensions to Each Client  

Eyelash Extension Mapping

Properly positioning each lash map to the client’s eye and brow shape can make all the difference. We want each and every lash client to feel the look they received has been customized to only them. Overall, we know that happier lash clients will likely lead to better client retention. Bella Lash’s education team has …

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How Much Can You Really Make As a Lash Artist?

With the growth that the eyelash industry is currently seeing, the eyelash extension industry is poised to become a billion dollar industry. To be exact, the eyelash extension industry is supposed to reach more than $1.75 Billion USD by 2023. You might be sitting at home considering continuing your education with eyelash extension certification, wondering …


How to Pay For Lash Extension Certification

how to pay for lash certification

Let’s face it. Eyelash extension certification and training can feel like it will use up practically all of your savings or extra income. With the burden of being a newly graduated student from cosmetology school or a hairstylist struggling to make ends meet, it can almost seem like too much to take on financially. In …


Introducing the Bella Lash Academy: 4 Ways This Program Is Unlike Any Other

hands on eyelash extension training

You may have seen a little something new when you‘ve looked at our Instagram, Facebook and website. After years of leading the industry in training, Bella Lash has impoved our approach to training future lash artists. Here are four ways that Bella Lash is revolutionizing eyelash extension training:   With Bella Lash Academy, students will …