10 Tips to Speed Up Lashing Time for Efficient Lash Artists

As a lash artist, maximizing your time without compromising on quality is essential for your success and client satisfaction. Clients want to be able to come get their lashes done without it taking up too much time. Its important to work on improving your speed, while still maintaining quality work! Here are ten actionable tips to speed up lashing time.

Prep in Advance:

Organize your workspace and have all your tools and lashes prepared before your client arrives. This reduces downtime looking for materials. Take the time after you are done with your client to write down what lashes you used, then you will already know what lashes to grab for their next appointment.

speed up lashing time.

Use Quality Lashes and Adhesives:

High-quality materials not only look better but are easier and faster to work with. Slowly work your way up to the faster drying adhesives. This way you won’t have to wait as long between placements. Only move to the faster drying adhesives once you are ready, otherwise your clients retention may suffer.

Perfect Your Isolation Technique:

speed up lashing time.

Improving isolation techniques can significantly reduce application time by making it easier to attach the extension to the natural lash. Take time to practice isolation on a mannequin head. Place multiple strip lashes on the mannequin so you get practice isolating the different layers.

Work with the Right Tools

Invest in ergonomic tweezers and accessories that enhance your speed and precision. Having the right kind of tweezers will help you feel more comfortable and speed up your lashes time. Its important to have multiple kinds of isolation tweezers, that way you can change out the shape to better fit your needs. Every clients lashes are different so having those options will make isolation easier.

Apply the Right Amount of Glue:

Too much glue can slow down the process and can create stickies, which will take up more time to unstick. Make sure you aren’t scooping up too much adhesive. It should be a small amount on the lash. Then place the lash and wait for a few seconds for it to dry. This will help avoid the stickies and you can see how much adhesive you’ll need.

speed up lashing time.

Develop a Lashing Sequence

Create a lashing pattern or sequence that you follow with each client to ensure efficiency. Having a system in place will help you stay on schedule. It will also help you know how fast you are getting. Test a few different methods to see what works best for you. Some lash artist prefer to work on one eye at a time, while others like going back and forth.

Keep Your Adhesive Fresh:

Change your adhesive drop frequently to keep it at its best consistency for quick and easy application. Once you notice its starting to get stringy, thats when you NEED to change it. If you aren’t keeping your adhesive fresh it could affect your clients retention and could cause stickies.

Use a Lash Tile:

A lash tile can help organize lashes by length and curl, reducing the time spent searching for the right lash. Have a lash tile for each curl, this will keep it organized and easy to switch between. Make sure you keep them in a sanitary container to avoid getting dust or other debris on them.

speed up lashing time.

Continuous Education:

Stay updated on new techniques, products, and tools that can help speed up the lashing process. Keeping up with your education will make you the best lash artist you can be. You can learn new lash trends and all the latest techniques to improve your speed.

Final Thoughts:

Implementing these tips to speed up lashing time will help you ensure each client leaves with beautiful, high-quality lash extensions. Efficiency is key to increasing your clientele and building a successful lash business.

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