The Essential Guide to Warm Weather Lash Extension Care

With the arrival of warm weather, maintaining your lash extensions becomes even more important to ensure they stay beautiful and last longer. Summer time brings a lot more activities that could affect your lash retention! Here are some expert warm weather lash care tips.

Dry Lashes with a Fan

Instead of using a hair dryer, which can cause damage, use a fan on a low setting to dry them completely after washing your face or swimming. Avoiding heat on your lash extensions will help keep their curl. If you do use a hair dryer make sure its on the cool setting. If you get too much heat by your lash extensions then they could singe or lose their curl! Using a fan is the safest option for your lash extensions.

Wash Lashes Right After Swimming:

Washing your lashes after swimming is crucial to your lash health. Chlorine and saltwater can weaken lash adhesive and lead to premature lash extension loss. To prevent this, wash your lashes with a lash cleanser immediately after swimming to remove any chemicals or saltwater residue. You don’t want those chemicals just sitting on your lashes!

Warm Weather Lash Care

Use Intelliseal for Extra Support:

Intelliseal is a sealant specially formulated for lash extensions. Applying it to your lashes every few days can help protect the adhesive, extending the life of your extensions. Intelliseal will help to nourish your lashes and make sure your lash extensions last until your next appointment.

Don’t Rub or Pull Lashes

Warm Weather Lash Care

In warm weather, you may be more prone to touching your face, but avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes as this can cause them to fall out prematurely. Use a gentle touch when cleansing or applying makeup around the eye area. Allergies are the main reason you may feel the need to rub or pull at your lashes. If you do need to itch, be very gentle. Remember your lash extensions are connected to you natural lashes, so treat them with care!

Final Thoughts:

By following these simple warm weather lash care tips, you can ensure that your lash extensions stay beautiful and last longer, even in the warmest weather. Keep your lashes nice and healthy this summer! Enjoy the summer while looking fabulous!

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