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lash adhesive allergies
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Proceed with Caution: What to Do About Adhesive Allergies

  Adhesive allergies and a lack of proper understanding of why they occur is an increasing problem in the lash extension industry. Both parties, lash artists and clients, are often frustrated and perplexed when a client that has never had a reaction before starts having sensitivities. The bottom-line is that lash allergies get worse the …

Eyelash Extensions for bloggers

Are You a Blogger? Here’s Why You Need Eyelash Extensions

How many times have you posted a selfie or sent a Snapchat with the caption “I Woke Up Like This’? As a blogger, looking selfie ready at any moment is a must! Between photo shoots, product reviews and meetings, it’s hard to stay on top of a beauty routine! Make your life easier with eyelash …