2024 New Year’s Resolutions

As the new year comes up it is almost expected to create New Year’s resolutions for it, but how many of us keep those goals? What resolutions should we be making that we will be able to carry out throughout the whole year? Most people including myself create very ambitious goals that are almost impossible to achieve which in the end sets us up for failure. Today we are going to talk about what types of goals we should make, and how to keep them. As you read you will hopefully be able to take some of these goals and apply them to 2024.

Self Care Goals

Are you over working or under working yourself? Are you taking care of your body and your needs? Self care goals are something that are extremely important, but can be hard to keep when thinking about all the other goals that you have. My advice is to know your limit and make a goal to not reach that limit. Know when too much is actually too much and put a stop to it. If you are overbooking yourself every week put a stop to it. This can be challenging because you don’t want to let clients down and you want to make the most amount of money, but your needs come first. Make a goal so that by the end of the year you will have completely stopped overbooking yourself.

new year's resolutions

Another self-care goal you can make is to do one thing that makes you happy each day. This can be going for a walk, reading a book, taking a bath, watching your favorite show, cooking, going to the gym, perfecting a hobby, etc. Do one thing each day that you can look forward to. This will help create a happy balance in your life.

How to Increase Income Goals

new year's resolutions

Most people create goals for the new year that involve money. How can you as a lash artist increase your income without overworking yourself? There are a few suggestions that we have that can hopefully help you do this. First, education. Continue to take classes that will help you increase your knowledge and increase your ability to do different looks. If you are only certified as a classic lash artist get your certification to do volume and mega volume. The more education you have the more you will be able to charge clients. Second, become an educator. You will need education to become an educator, but once you do that you can certify others to be lash artists and charge for it. This can increase your income drastically and is a great way to create a lash community. Lastly, you can retail lash products. This is a huge way to increase your income in such an easy way. If you retail other lash brands you can make thousands just by having the products set up in your studio.

When making new year’s resolutions that involve money I think that it is more achievable if you set them on a month to month basis. You are not going to be able to implement all of these ideas in the first month, so you need to gradually set goals. As you implement some of these goals each month you can set you

Last Thoughts

The new year can be an exciting time full of new possibilities, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. You feel pressure to change, grow, and improve in every part of life but that isn’t achievable most of the time. Make a few New Year’s resolutions and once you meet them keep them for a while and then add a few more goals. We aren’t going to be able to change all at once, but we can one step at a time over many years. Take time to set a few ambitious goals and work hard to get there for yourself or your business. Let’s make this new year rejuvenating, exciting, and ambitious!

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