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How Much Can You Really Make As a Lash Artist?

With the growth that the eyelash industry is currently seeing, the eyelash extension industry is poised to become a billion dollar industry. To be exact, the eyelash extension industry is supposed to reach more than $1.75 Billion USD by 2023. You might be sitting at home considering continuing your education with eyelash extension certification, wondering …

Marketing & Business

How To Style Holiday Lashes: Valentine’s Day Edition

Whether or not you have a significant other… Valentine’s Day is about LOVE! And two things you can love this season are YOURSELF, and Bella Lash! LOVE YOURSELF & LOVE WHAT YOU DO! How can you love anything else without loving yourself first?! As an eyelash extension artist, you make people feel beautiful about themselves …

Marketing & Business

Lash For The Cure

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Bella Lash is honored to help a breast cancer patient in need.

Meet Season Rogers. On February 2nd she got the devastating news that she was diagnosed with triple negative stage 3 breast cancer, which means the cancer is very aggressive and is spreading very quickly. She also got the devastating news that chemo will put her into a menopausal state which she may not come out of. Her and her husband were trying to have another baby.

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She finished chemo on July 19th and on August 9th went in for a double mastectomy. Since April 2014 she has had over 7 surgeries and 6 injections to help with the pain. She will start radiation soon and will be going every day Monday-Friday for 5 weeks. With her body being so worn out the traveling will be hard but has hopes it will be over by next summer so she can move forward and put it all behind her.

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When she has the energy Season likes to cook and be around friends. She also likes to shop but has not been able to do that as much due to a lack of funds. Her husband works for the Union Pacific railroad as a mechanic. They have 5 children from the ages of 17-5



10% of all aftercare purchases and pink lashes will be donated to her cause. We are so excited to help out in this way and can’t wait to share the results with all of you! Click here to purchase products or to donate!

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