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Lash room

If you are a new lash artist this blog post is for you! If you have been a lash artist for awhile, still chime in because you could learn about a new product that could become one of your new favorites. When you first start out lashing it can be overwhelming with everything that you need to purchase. We are here to make it a stress free process so you can make sure you have everything you will need to start your journey as a lash artist! Everything will be linked so that you can shop straight from this blog!

Lash Room:

Lash room

When starting out it is important to have a great lash room set up. First you want to think about the lash bed. It is very important that it is comfortable for your clients to lay down on. If it is uncomfortable then they will fidget during the appointment and they may not want to come back. Try adding padding if your lash bed is too stiff. Speaking of comfort, you will want to make sure your chair is the right kind for you. There are saddle chairs, round stools, and ones with backs on them. It is important you choose the one that suits your needs. Now lets talk about lighting. With out good lighting then you won’t be able to see your clients lashes. Invest in high quality lights so you can see every lash.


Lash Detox, Infinity Lash, and Intelliseal

Making sure you have great product will help make the lashing process easier. Finding a great quality sealant, primer, and glue is a game changer. It will keep your clients lashes looking better for longer. Try experimenting with what tweezers feel best for you, then once you find the ones get a back up pair. Nothing is worse than when you drop your tweezers during an appointment and they get ruined. If you have a back up pair then you won’t have to stress as much. You may want to try different types of cleansers. The great thing is they come in wipes or liquid form. So you can choose which kind you like best. At the end of each lash appointment make sure you use a fan and a nebulizer to prevent any fumes getting in your clients eyes. Having a fan and nebulizer will also help to cure the glue faster.


Mini Aftercare Kit

It is always a good idea to sell After Care Kits for your clients. Having after care will help with retention and prevent any damage to your clients lashes. Which will make your job easier. It is important to learn how to sell products that will help your clients, this can help boost your revenue and help your client. Add policies and always stick to them, make sure you have your clients sign waivers/policies. Then if anything happens with a client you can refer back to your waivers/policies. Think about how you want to take payment and the different cost associated with it. There are many different ways to take payment and each have pros and cons. Think about getting insurance, this can protect you incase anything were to go wrong. It is better to play it safe than risk something happening.

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