Tips on How to Keep Good Posture

Lash artist lashing a client

Do you ever have back or neck pain? Does it ever get bad enough that you have to cancel appointments? The source of this pain could be your posture, so let’s fix that! You never want to have to cancel appointments because you lose out on income, but you also have to take care of yourself! Keeping good posture is something you have to learn and be conscious of at all times while you are lashing. Here are some tips to keep good posture so you can get rid of your back pain and potentially increase your income!

How You Should Sit While Lashing

First you will want to make sure you lash bed and chair are adjusted correctly. You should be able to sit with your legs at about a 90 degree angle. You will want to be as close to your lash bed as possible. If you are having to hunch over then you will need to raise the lash bed. Try and keep your back as straight as you can. Keeping you arms in toward your body will help with fatigue. Sometimes it can be hard to see finer lashes, and you may find yourself hunching over to see them. To avoid that we recommend using magnifying glasses to be able to see those lashes. This will help to make sure you aren’t straining your eyes as well. When your client first lay down, make sure that they are close enough to you. If your client is too far away then it will be harder to have the correct posture.

The Risk of Having Bad Posture

Having bad posture can cause a lot of issues over time. You could develop back pain, poor circulation, and fatigue. These could make it so you can’t take as many clients a day or a week. Making sure you have good posture will keep you happy and healthy while lashing. Having bad posture can tire your body out fast, this could lead to burn out.

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