Classic Tweezer Deep Dive

There are so many different types of tweezers which makes it hard to know which ones to use and when to use them. We are here to answer all of your questions! We will discuss all the tweezers you need to complete a classic lash look. It is also important to remember everyone has different preferences, but there are certain tweezers made to perform different steps in the lashing process. Let’s get into it!


Crane Tweezer

Can be used for both Isolation and application. The angle and the sharp tip help in the lash process. With the angle of the tip it will be more comfortable for your hands when isolating. It can also help when you have a client who has a lot of baby lashes. The crane tweezer will move all of those baby lashes out of the way so you can isolate at the base of the lash. This will help prevent stickies with baby lashes. The crane tweezer is very multi-purpose and can be used for application as well.


Curved Tweezer

These can be used for both isolating and application. The curved shape helps with precise isolation of fine lashes. This tweezer has a curved tip that is perfect for isolating. It is comfortable in your hand so you won’t strain your wrist after a long day of lashing.


Straight Tweezer

These are used for the isolation process. With the sharp straight point it can isolate inner corners easily. The inner corners can be the hardest to isolate since they are so fine and small. Having a tweezer like the straight tweezer is great to have if you are struggling with isolation. Since these have a very fine tip it will make precise application easy. It has great control on placement.

Super Straight

Super Straight Tweezer

These have the sharpest point and also the thinnest. This will give you incredible control when isolating. Since these tweezers are so thin they will give increased visibility of the lashes. This will help with placement and also to make sure you won’t have any stickies. The super straight tweezers are a must have if you work with clients lashes that are harder to isolate.


Petite Tweezer

The petite tweezers are the most compact which will give control when placing lashes. They have a small base which makes picking up lashes and placing them easy. They will give you great control through all the steps of lashing. Since the shape is curved you can also use them to isolate the inner and outer corners. It will help keep the isolating down to the base of the lashes to prevent any baby lashes from getting stuck.

Why Use Bella Lash Tweezers?

All of the Bella Lash Classic Tweezers are made from light weight surgical steel. They are extremely durable and high quality. The Classic Tweezers are perfect for all levels of lash artist. Whether you are just starting or you have been doing it for years. Bella Lash Tweezers will fit all your needs!

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