How to Lash Curly Lashes

How to Lash Curly Lashes

Dealing with curly lashes can be an intimidating task, particularly if you’re a novice in the world of lashing. The intricate nature of these lashes can test even the most experienced lash artist. However, understanding the techniques required to master the art of lashing curly lashes is not only a valuable skill but also a way to set yourself apart in the competitive beauty industry. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the tips and tricks that are essential for creating stunning set.

Identifying Curly Lashes:

Curly lashes are unique to each individual. They come in various curls that will create their own set of challenges and opportunities. Curly lashes often intertwine with one another. The degree of curl can vary signifcantly, much like the diversity in the types of curls one find atop a person’s head. Some individuals may possess lashes with a subtle, while others may boast lashes with a pronounced curl.

Isolation Techniques:

Isolation is one of the fundamental skills required when working with curly lashes. Proper isolation ensures that each lash extension adheres precisely. Consider using a curved tweezer to isolate curly lashes. This tweezer will provide you with the precision needed when dealing with curly lashes. A very important tip is to isolate all the way to the lash line. Failure to do so may result in lash extensions adhering to multiple natural lashes. Don’t hesitate to use your fingers to move lashes out of the way. Another tips is to use tape to move the lashes with extensions on them. This will keep them out of the way so you can focus on one section at a time.

Lash Extension Placement:

Precise positions of lash extensions is paramount when dealing with curly lashes. Take a moment to observe the direction of the natural lash’s curl. For natural lashes that curl to the side, consider placing the extension on the opposite side. If the lashes curl upwards or downwards, position the extension underneath the natural lash. To help the lash get straighter and not to intertwined position the lash extension in the opposite direction of the natural curl. When executed correctly and consistently, this technique can work wonders in aligning the natural lashes.

Final Thoughts:

The ability to conquer curly lashes stands as a testament to your skill and expertise. By identifying curly lashes, honing the art of isolation, and mastering strategic placement, you will be able to broaden your client base. Patience is going to be a great skill to learn with curly lashes. Take your time and practice to improve you skills. Embrace the challenge and embark on your journey of learning how to lash curly lashes.


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