Allergy VS. Sensitivity

Have you ever wondered how to tell the difference between an allergy vs. sensitivity? Well girl, we got you! It can sometimes be challenging to know, especially since every client is different. The main difference is that an allergy will get worse while a sensitivity will improve. Of course, you may have clients who vary in reactions. But, for the most part, an allergy will be more severe than a sensitivity. Keep reading to learn more about allergies and sensitivities and how they can also affect lash artists.


eye with an allergic reaction

Having an allergic reaction can be very uncomfortable. Your client’s eye may get puffy, red, watery, and itchy. Reactions will vary from person to person. The longer your client is exposed, the worse their reaction will be. For example, lash clients can be allergic to the ingredients in lash glue. It is best if your client has an allergic reaction to remove the lashes as soon as possible, and recommend they see an eye doctor. You may have clients who will develop an allergy to lash glue. It is common for pregnant women to develop an allergy.


An easy way to tell if your client has a sensitivity reaction is if the symptoms lessen after 24 hours. The redness, itchiness, and watery eyes won’t be as severe as an allergic reaction. Sensitivity is caused by the client’s eyes fluttering during the lash application, improper tape and under-eye pad placement, and lash glue not being fully cured. An easy way to prevent this is to ensure the tape and under-eye pads aren’t placed on the water line and ensure that if you tape the eyelid, your client’s eyes are still closed. Using a nebulizer will also help to prevent any sensitivity reactions. It will lower the fumes getting into your client’s eyes and help cure the lash glue. Let your clients know why it’s essential to keep their eyes closed and inform them not to drink caffeine on the day of their appointment. Caffeine will cause their eyes to flutter, and the fumes could get into their eyes.

eye with a sensitivity reaction

Patch Testing

Patch testing is important to see if your client may be allergic or prone to sensitivities. Start by having every client fill out a consent form. Inside your consent form have a section where they can consent to have a patch test done if needed. This way if you notice your client having an unforeseen reaction within the first hour of the appointment you can stop and have your client come back later. If they are still having a reaction you can remove the lashes, but if they are fine within 24 hours you can continue to lash.

There are a few different methods you can do for patch testing, at Bella Lash we do not recommend placing lash glue on the skin. Instead place a few lashes on each eye. Clients may not want to do a patch test, but it is better for your business and your clients safety that you do test it on them. Especially if they have had sensitivities at past appointments with other lash artist. Make sure you are checking in with your client through out their appointment to see if they are having any discomfort.

Lash Artist

Lash artist tend to develop an allergy or a sensitivity to the glue. This is because we are exposed to fumes much more than our clients. As a result, you may experience a runny nose, watery eyes, itchiness, and other symptoms. The best way to avoid this is switching to glue with lower fumes, working in a well-ventilated space, and wearing a mask. This way, the fumes aren’t as concentrated. However, it can be challenging to deal with these symptoms while trying to work, so it is essential to take care of ourselves and take breaks as needed.

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