Guide on Changing your Prices

Changing your prices is a tricky and intimidating thing to do at times. However, you may need to figure out when or how to change them. Consider increasing your prices as you grow as a lash artist, the cost of your product increases, and demand for your services grows. We will review how to raise your prices and how to tell your clients about the change. Keep reading to learn more about changing your prices!

Why and when you should raise your prices:

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Being fully booked for at least a month or two indicates that it may be time to raise your prices. It is important that you are getting paid what you are worth.

Taking a new course and furthering your education means better quality work. It could also mean you are now offering a new service; adding services is a great way to add more value to your business. If your work is improving, your prices should increase as well. Taking the time and money to learn a new skill will benefit your work. In the same realm, if you have been lashing for a few years and have improved, it may be time for a price increase.

If you notice the price of your products increase, you will want to increase your prices. This way, you will make the exact amount you were making per appointment. Keep track of your monthly spending, so you will know how much to increase your prices and how much you spend on products. Each year most business owners raise their prices to keep in line with inflation.

How to inform your clients:

Letting your clients know about price changes is important; you don’t want them to feel blindsided. Before you raise your prices, have a specific date in mind. Let them know at least one to two months before you increase your prices. Make sure you reach out through social media, email, text, and vocally. This way, your clients can budget correctly for their appointment and plan. You don’t need to detail why you are raising your prices. You can give a simple reason like ” the cost of the product has increased.” Most of your clients will understand the need to raise your prices.

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