Lash Placement

Let’s be honest, placing lash extensions isn’t the easiest thing to do when you first learn how to lash. But it is important to master this skill and to strive for perfect placement with every single extension. Hopefully, this information will help you understand what you should and shouldn’t do when applying lash extensions. Let’s jump into it! 

Let’s talk about lash placement. When placing lash extensions, they need to be 0.5-1mm away from the lash line. Lash adhesive and the extensions should never come in contact with your client’s skin. This could cause major discomfort and irritation for the client. You also don’t want to place them further than 1mm away from the lash line because this can cause the extensions to look outgrown and lower the retention rate. 

There are three different and preferred methods of placing lash extensions: on the top, bottom, and side. Below are some of the benefits of each method.

Top Placement:

Straight to normal lashes 

Black and brown lashes 

Creates a uniform look

Dense look at the base of the lashes 

B, C, or D curl 

Side Placement:

Corrects the growth pattern of natural lashes 


Any curl

Bottom Placement:

Blonde lashes 

Curly lashes 

Will help to disguise the color and curl of natural lashes

Lashes that point downward 

C, D, or DD curl

The more you continue to practice,  the better you will become! Try not to get too frustrated with yourself. Everyone starts somewhere and improves on their own timeline. I promise you will improve as you continue to practice. Remember to stay patient and offer yourself the grace and love you deserve! 

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