Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions

If you have been wondering if you should get eyelash extensions you have come to the right place! Eyelash extensions have many benefits and just a few downsides and I am going to tell you exactly what they are!


1.      Say goodbye to mascara 

Who else hates putting on mascara?  I know I do! When you have eyelash extensions, you get to throw all of your mascara away! Hallelujah! No need to worry about buying new mascara when yours goes bad, finding your favorite brand, etc. Throw away your mascara and getlash extensions!

2.    Wake up feeling like a million bucks 

Every time you wake up in the morning, you are going to look in the mirror and instantly feel more put together. Eyelash extensions have a way of immediately boosting your confidence and making you love the way you look – with or without makeup! 

3.    You only have to fill them every couple of weeks 

Eyelash extensions are extremely nice because even though it can take time to get them done, you only have to get them filled every two weeks. This may seem like a lot, but it is a time in which you can relax, get free therapy, and treat yourself!

4.    Makes getting ready faster 

My favorite benefit about eyelash extensions is that you get ready 100x faster! You might be thinking all it does is take away the amount of time it takes to put on mascara, but it does so much more. Because of the way they are able to increase your confidence, you do not always feel the need to put on all your makeup. Most of the time, I just wear my eyelash extensions and absolutely love the way I look and feel. 

5.    Waterproof 

I love to be in the water during the summer, on vacation, in the hot tub during winter, etc. When I wear mascara, I am always hesitating if I should get in or not because I know mascara will get all over my face. With eyelash extensions, you do not have this problem. You get to be carefree about smearing during water activities. I also love how they are waterproof when I am showering – it always burns when I accidentally get mascara in my eyes. If you get lash extensions, you do not have to worry about it!

6.    Made perfectly for your eye shape 

Eyelash extensions are perfectly and carefully designed specifically for you. When you wear strip lashes, they do not perfectly fit your eye and you don’t always know what style is best for your eye shape. With extensions, you are getting help from a professional to curate your idea of perfect lashes. 


1.      You could potentially be allergic to the adhesive 

Some people are allergic to the adhesive used to put the lash extensions on the natural lash. If you are allergic to the ingredients, then you will not be able to wear lash extensions. Eye sensitivity is different from allergies. If your eyes are sensitive to the adhesive, there are certain adhesives that have low fumes that will help with the discomfort while being lashed. If you are worried about being allergic, make sure you do a patch test beforehand. 

2.    Time

It can take up to 4 hours to get a full set of lashes, which can be a long time for people with busy schedules. However, once you have a full set you only have to get a fill every 2 weeks which only takes about 1.5 hours. They also help save time while getting ready in the morning.

3.    Cost

Eyelash extensions can be pricey depending on who you go to. It’s important to pay the price for a quality lash artist because you want someone who is professionally trained and will take care of your lashes. It is a luxury, but you will not regret it. 

4.    If applied wrong, it can cause damage to natural lashes 

Unfortunately, there are some lash artists who do not put lash extensions on properly. If they do it incorrectly, they can damage your natural lashes. It is very important to know who you are going to, what education they have had, see before and after pictures, etc. Do not go to someone just because they are cheaper, you need to make sure they will care about your natural lashes. 

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