Eye Shapes & Curls

If you struggle with knowing what curl goes best with a certain eye shape, you have come to the right place! Having all different curls and lengths is important because everyone has different eye shapes and needs different curls. If you have all of them, then you will be able to be inclusive and lash any client that comes your way! Lucky for you Bella Lash has all curls and lengths! 

Monolid – L Curl 

L curl lashes are great for monolid eyes because their lashes are normally flatter. This dramatic curl will help open the eye while not weighing down the natural lash.

Downturned – DD Curl

DD curl lashes are great for downturned eyes because they lift the eye up while giving it a dramatic look. If you used DD curl for an upturned eye then it could be uncomfortable for the client and could cause poking.

Upturned – C Curl 

C curl lashes are great for upturned eyes because they are not so curled that they will poke the client, but they still give a dramatic and full look!

Hooded – C Curl

C curl lashes are also great for hooded eyes because you want a light curl so they do not look like they are curling into your hooded eyelid. This would look very unnatural and it would be uncomfortable for the client.

Protruding – D Curl

D curl lashes are great for protruding eyes because you can use shorter lengths and a little bit of a bigger curl to create a dramatic look. They also make the eye look bigger and more round.

Happy lashing!

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