How to Determine Eye Shape

A common question a lot of new lash artists have is, “How do I determine someone’s eye shape?” Your client’s eye shape will play an important role in which mapping, lengths, and curls you use on your client. If you’ve asked this question before, you have come to the right place! 

Three things you need to look at when determining someone’s eye shape is 1st the distance from inner corner to inner corner, 2nd is the actual shape of the eye, and 3rd is the depth of the eye. Here is an example of each eye shape and what sets them apart. 

  1. Monolid 

A monolid eye shape is where you do not have a crease in your eyelid and your eyelids are normally flatter. 

  1. Hooded 

A hooded eye shape is where there is a prominent brow bone and a deep crease. You normally cannot see someone’s eye lid when their eye is open because it is set into the crease. 

  1. Upturned 

An upturned eye shape is where the outer corner is at a higher point then the inner corner. 

  1. Downturned 

A downturned eye shape is where the outer corner is at a lower point then the inner corner. 

  1. Round 

A round eye shape is circular and usually more prominent and large. 

  1. Almond 

An almond eye shape is longer in width than it is wide. 

  1.  Close set 

Close set eyes are no longer than one eye width apart. 

  1. Deep Set 

Deep set eyes means that your eyes are set deeper in your eye socket. 

  1. Wide Set 

Wide set eyes are more than one eye length apart. 

  1. Protruding 

Protruding eyes is where your eye is set forward in your eye socket.

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