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Do You Know When Your Lash Supplies Expire?

lash supplies expire

When most people hear the word “expiration date” they automatically think of food. But did you know that your lash supplies can expire too? How often do you put away one beloved product to try another, and then break out the old product a year later? The time has come to clean out your supplies …

Eyelash Extension Care

The 411 on Eyelash Extensions – A Beginners Guide for Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have continued to be the hottest must-have in the beauty industry as everyone desires long, luscious lashes. With lashes taking over the industry, we at Bella Lash understand that there are many options, types, curls and even colors that can be overwhelming to choose from! That is why we have created this beginners …

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Making Friends in the Lash Industry

making friends

Hi Bellas! For Lash Tip Tuesday, we have a special guest post from the ladies behind the scenes of Bold Eye Artistry.  Their mission is to bring together Lash Artists and spread positivity throughout the industry. Check our their post below: As we all know, the beauty industry is known for being highly competitive and often …

Eyelash Extension Care

The Price is Right – Lash Edition

The Price is Right - Lash Edition

When lashing, it can be hard find the right price per service. Even experienced professionals struggle to find a happy price point that reflects quality service, but won’t have clients breaking the bank. Here are five quick tips to consider when you’re pricing your lashes. 1. Look at the competition in your area. While you …

Eyelash Extension Care

Business Expense Tracking

Business Expense Tracking Sheet

As a Lash Artist, it is important to keep track of your business expenses and income.  This will allow you to stay organized for your personal records and can provide insight to you regarding your spending and incoming revenue so that you can successfully manage and maintain your eyelash extension business. Keeping track of your business …

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3 Steps to Extend the Life of Your Lashes

Natural Touch

After-care is essential for healthy semi-permanent eyelash extensions.  With proper care, you can extend the life of your lashes, maintain proper hygiene, and keep your beautiful lashes healthy. Bella Lash offers a revolutionary product called IntelliSystem, which is a 3-step process of sealant mascaras to prolong the life of your semi permanent eyelash extensions as …