Gift Guide: For your clients

You’re already becoming unhinged by trying to fit current and new clients into your schedule before the holidays, and now you have to add in finding the cutest gifts for all of them as well? Where will you find the time?! 

Don’t stress, babe! We’ve got you covered. Bella Lash understands the demands on lash artists and wanted to offer some relief during the gift-giving season. We’ve come up with three beautiful lash-based gifts to show some love to your clients..


This gift requires  a little bit of assembly, but we’ve got a solid list of Bella Lash products you can include in your own personalized Goodie Bag!

The possibilities are definitely endless on how you choose to gift these products! Combine a few or all of them, do one individual product, throw in some yummy treats, LEGIT bundle these products however you would like.


Is there anything better than the gift of lashes?I think we can all admit that we love a good deal. Especially on the things we love. Giving your clients money to put towards a fill or full set would melt their  hearts. It’s also a great way to show your appreciation for their loyalty.


Have time to get crafty? For this gift, get some Mason Jars, wholesome hot cocoa, mini marshmallows, and even some candy canes.. Hot cocoa is a Christmas staple. Add a cute lash sticker to the lid and maybe even tie some Hydrogel Patches around it? It’ll be the ULTIMATE crafty and lash festive gift.

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