Gift Guide: For your favorite Lash Artist

Welcome back to the craziness of trying to figure out the most sublime gift for literally everyone in your life. You’ve got your next door neighbor covered, your parents, even your favorite barista. But have you thought about your lash artist?

If you haven’t, no worries! We’ve got you covered with  three  super simple and sweet gifts you can give to your ultimate beauty therapist.


Lash artists spend hours on end making sure their clients look and feel their best. Why not reciprocate the love? You could include:

The sky’s the limit! Customize the self care kit to match whatever your lash artist enjoys. They deserve some time to wind down and take care of themselves too.

  1. MONEY

Most of the time lash artists are their own boss, meaning they don’t get yearly bonuses or any other benefits you would receive working for a company. The money that they bring in from taking appointments is literally the only money that is brought in. A generous tip would never be forgotten and is a great way to show the ultimate appreciation to your lash artist.


Need I say more? Gift cards are the holy grail of gifts, especially if it’s for something you’re  obsessed with. Your lash artist gets Starbucks every morning before your appointment? Bam, Starbucks gift card. She’s a fiend for chips and salsa? Helloooo Chili’s gift card. You can honestly never go wrong with  a gift card!

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