LASHSCIENCE™; In Action: Meet Onyx

70% of lash artists say their sets can take upwards of 2 hours*!

The time it takes an artist to complete a set directly correlates to the amount of money they make in a day. Why not use science to make more money? Bella cracked the code and we NEED you to know how the new Onyx adhesive will help grow your artistry.

LashPull™ technology is what happens the second you place an eyelash extension onto a natural lash. Your eyelash extension seems to just SNAP into place – drying instantly. This gives you the ability to move on quicker, speeding up your lash set.

Onyx is a versatile wonder! We ALWAYS hear from lash artists that the humidity in their lashing location is so unpredictable. The versatility of humidity levels that Onyx can withstand will make sure you never walk in to dried, tacky adhesive again. Stop wasting money on adhesive that can’t stand the heat. Onyx will always be there.

With a 1 second dry time, the second your eyelash extension hits the natural lash, you can just sail right along – speeding up your process, helping you become more efficient and giving you the edge.

Clients get discouraged when their time is wasted with fallen lashes. Lash artists get frustrated when lashes don’t stay put. Onyx is here to stop the frustration and discouragement. The retention time on this adhesive is unmatched. Clients and artists alike have been amazed at the durability. For real, don’t take our word for it…

Check out what Amanda has to say about her personal experiences with Onyx.

Hear it from the experts — our PhD Chemist (Dr. Daren), Head Engineer (Zach), and Founder (Haley).

*Check out our Year In Review 2020 for more stats that are essential to your business!

4 thoughts on “LASHSCIENCE™; In Action: Meet Onyx

  1. Sabrina Ali says:

    Can onyx glue be used for classic and volume lashes?

  2. Lindsey @ Bella Lash says:

    Hey Sabrina —
    Onyx is great for both classic and volume lashing! The beauty of LashPull™ Technology is that it will extend the surface area of your adhesive, but it won’t wick a volume fan closed. So genius!

  3. Cassandra says:

    Can Onyx glue be used by a beginner starting out as a lash artist or is it more suitable for
    the more experienced lash artist?

    1. Amanda says:

      Hi Cassandra! I would definitely suggest using Onyx once you’re more experienced! The faster dry time can tend to be too quick for beginner lash artists.


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