Seasonal Lash Shedding


It’s that time of year when the flowers start to bloom and our hair and lashes start to shed. As inevitable as it is, it’s still worrisome to our clients when they notice their lashes falling out faster and in larger quantities. It’s important to educate your clients as to why this more extreme fallout is happening. If you’re unsure as to how to talk to your clients about it, use this Seasonal Shedding FAQ for lash artists and clients as your guide!

Season Shedding FAQ

When do these shedding cycles happen?

Seasonal shedding happens when temperatures dramatically increase or decrease. This tends to be Winter to Spring and Summer to Fall.

Why do we shed?

Similar to animals, we have winter and summer coats! Except, our coats are our hair and lashes. We shed during Spring to release our Winter coat for Summer and shed during Autumn to release our Summer coat for winter.

How long does the shedding last?

It can last up to six weeks! During this time, you might find yourself needing fills more frequently than normal – which is totally okay!

Do lash extensions make the shedding worse?

Nope! As long as your lash artist is applying the extensions safely and correctly, it should not worsen the shedding process at all.

I never noticed my lashes shedding before getting extensions. How come?

Our natural lashes aren’t very dense or noticeable. Lash extensions are meant to accentuate the appearance of your natural lashes. It’s easier to identify lash fallout when a bold, long extension is attached to it. 

Lash shedding or bad retention?

Ask your client to pay attention to their fallout! If there are natural lashes attached to the extension, it’s most likely shedding. If the extension doesn’t have a natural lash attached, it could be a retention issue. Make sure that you’re getting a seamless attachment and that your adhesive is fresh if that’s the case!

Is there anything I can do to better the process?

Yes, try using a lash serum! It will help to increase lash production and provide necessary nutrients to promote healthy lashes. You can also take supplements to promote healthy lashes from within. Bella Lash has an amazing lash serum and a line of yummy, beneficial supplements!

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