How Do YOU Hybrid?

Hybrid: having or produced by a combination of two or more distinct elements.

What does Hybrid mean to the lash industry?

Hybrid is classified as a lash set of 50% Classic lashes and 50% Volume lashes. But is there actually more to Hybrid than what meets the eye?

We want to test the limits on what Hybrid could potentially mean to the lash industry. To do so, we configured 8 lash looks that combine different types of lashes. It’s our time to redefine Hybrid!

LOOK #1 – Classic & Handmade Volume

LOOK #2 – Classic & Crystallized Fans

LOOK #3 – Classic & 200 Series

LOOK #4 – Classic & Handmade Mega

LOOK #5 – Crystallized Fans & Handmade Volume

LOOK #6 – Handmade Mega & Handmade Volume

LOOK #7 – Handmade Volume & 200 Series

LOOK #8 – Handmade Mega & 200 Series

Take this as your permission to own your power as an artist. To be creative, to be passionate, and to be you. Allow yourself to create a space where you thrive.

This is Hybrid. So how do you Hybrid? Watch the video below –

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