Beauty From Within: Wellness Launch Event

A dream ultimately came true for Bella Lash on April 15, 2021. We were able to celebrate our new product line, Bella Wellness, by hosting a tranquil Launch Event. By doing so, we brought together a new community of people who share the same passions.

To start the event, Haley gave a heartwarming speech:

Bella Wellness is an arm of Bella Lash. It’s really fun to focus on the physiology of the body again… Bella Wellness is everything you need to feel beautiful on the inside. They are custom formulated with women in mind. A beautiful woman to me is someone who feels good on the inside and makes you feel good when you speak to them.” – Haley Chipman, Founder

Gentle Yoga

Following Haley’s remarks, the guests participated in a session of gentle yoga. They grounded themselves and focused on their body. There was a certain sense of new bodily awareness for everyone.

Food and More Food

After gentle yoga, snacks were served! After all, this wouldn’t be an event without food. An eye-pleasing charcuterie board and fruit and veggie tray were provided for replenishing. To say everyone dug in and stuffed their faces is an understatement.

Time to Unwind

Lastly, our guests unwinded in a therapeutic Himalayan salt cave.16 tons of pure pink salt were imported from the Himalayan mountains to create this beautiful cave. Pure dry salt air is absorbent, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. When broken into microscopically small particles and diffused into the air, this dry therapeutic salt naturally starts absorbing allergens, toxins, and foreign substances out of your lungs and your entire respiratory tract.

Most importantly, Bella Lash cannot express enough gratitude for the support we’ve had with the expansion of our brand. For this, we are proud and excited to start promoting beauty from within.

Time to start your new beauty routine! Click here to shop Bella Wellness.

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