How to Attract the Perfect Beauty Client

Ah, the perfect client. We all know they exist, but how come we don’t see them more often? Read on for our tips on how to attract a loyal and perfect client.


  1. Define your Perfect ClientYou can’t find your ‘perfect client’ until you know who that person is! Do you want clients who are easy to work with? Flexible? Type-A? A good rule of thumb is to look at what type of business you run. Do you re-schedule clients and often see people last minute? Then you’d probably want to attract clients that are flexible like you. On the other hand, if you’re very scheduled out and border-line OCD about scheduling, you want clients who are the same way.

2. Be Professional

This may seem like a no brainer. But, the perfect client who always tips, always, reschedules and is always on time is most likely professional as well. They will only want to go to lash artist who mirror that professionalism. Be clear, direct and available to those clients.

3.  Make it Easy to Become the Perfect Client

Make it easy for your client to become the perfect client. When checking out, make it easy to apply tips. Another tip is to make it easy to reschedule. Have a digital calendar pop up after checking out where they can select their next appointment. Using these methods can turn even the most ‘un-perfect’ clients into the best.

Who is your perfect client? How did you attract and keep them coming back?


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    i am very interested in being a Eyelash technician and working with Bella Lash


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