What to Do When Eyelash Extensions are Too Long


If you’re a lash artist, you’ve probably come across a client who thinks that their lashes are too long.

If you’re someone who just received your first set of eyelash extensions, you may be freaking out at how long they are! Before you do anything, read our tips below.

As a lash artist, here are things you should always tell or show a new lash client:

  1. Have a “sample sponge” that has every length of the lashes you offer attached. Show it to your client so they can pick which lengths they would like. After the choose, assess their natural lashes to make sure they work with their chosen length.
  2. Ask what their daily makeup look is and their daily activities. Low-key moms or athletes probably don’t want crazy long lashes, whereas those who work in the fashion or beauty industry might want long and luscious lashes.
  3. After the lashing process is over, show your client their lashes and make sure they are satisfied.
  4. If your client is not satisfied with the length, you must educate them on the dangers of cutting lash extensions. You will have to tell them to wait until their next fill to resize the lashes, or to schedule a removal and full set.

If you just received eyelash extensions and your thinking about trimming them down, don’t pick up those scissors! Here’s why you should avoid cutting your eyelash extensions:

  1. Even if you are convinced the extensions are much longer than your natural lash, if your trim your extensions you will most likely trim your natural lashes as well.
  2. Cut natural lashes are blunt and break up the fluff of natural eyelash extensions.
  3. Cut natural lashes often have a hard time growing back to their full potential.

What other questions do you have about eyelash extensions?

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