Spray Tanning and Eyelash Extensions

Because we work in the beauty industry, spray tans and eyelash extensions are always a must for us! But, we need to be cautious about getting bronzed around our lashes. While it’s totally fine to be a bronzed beauty AND a lash beauty, follow our tips below to ensure that both beauty treatments stay flawless.

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Timing is of the essence when it comes to getting spray tanned while wearing eyelash extensions. When you get your eyelashes done, there is a 24-hour “no sweat, no wet” rule. This same rule applies for getting spray tans. Do not get a spray tan within 24-hours of applying eyelash extensions.

Our best rule of thumb is to schedule your spray tan right before a fill. This way, if the spray tan solution is damaging to your adhesive and lashes, it won’t harm your set.


Some lashionistas may want to take extra precautions when they get their spray tan. One way we suggest this is to use gel patches or medical tap to cover your lashes during a spray tan. Be very, very careful to cut the tape or gel patches perfectly so you don’t have uneven tan lines on your face. While this is not necessary, it does rule out any breakdown of adhesive.


Like lashing, spray tanning needs time to “dry and cure” on your skin. After that initial 8-12 hours, cleanse your lashes to be sure that no spray tan solution is sitting on top of your extensions. Our cleansers are perfect for the job.


Just as you would never want something harmful touching your lashes, don’t let anything bad touch your skin. Make sure you are using quality spray tan products, like Soel Beauty products, to get your perfect tan.

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