Holiday Gift Guide for the Lash Artist

If you are a husband, boyfriend, mother, sister, or friend that is looking for fun gifts to get a lash artist you have come to the right spot! Keep reading to get some luxury and basic ideas . 

  1. Glamcor Light 

This Glamcor light is perfect to elevate your lashing career. It creates great lighting while you are lashing, and help when trying to take professional photos. 

  1. Lash Pillow 

This Lash Pillow will elevate your customers’ experience. You always want them to be comfortable. 

  1. Lash Bed 

This lash bed is perfect for new lash artists that are not wanting to spend a lot of money on a bed. It is a great price, comes in 4 colors, and is portable. 

  1. Rolling Cart with Storage 

This rolling cart is perfect for your lash set up! It can hold all of your products right by your lash bed, and it can fold if needed. 

  1. Diamond Elite Tweezers 

These diamond elite tweezers are perfect for isolation, placement, and to increase your speed. They are a luxury tweezer with diamond coated tips to help with grip. They are also a great price for what you get! 

  1. Lash Nebulizer 

The lash nebulizer elevates your clients experience. With the nebulizer your clients are able to wet their lashes right after the appointment, it speeds up the cure time, and helps the retention of the lash extentions. 

  1. Neon Sign 

This is a perfect neon sign for any lash artist’s babe cave. It is such a cute decoration that elevates the space. 

  1.  Mannequin Head

This mannequin head is perfect for a lash artist that is trying to perfect a new skill. Practice makes permanent! 

  1. Lint Free Gel Patches 

These lint free gel patches are perfect for a Christmas gift because they come in bulk! Get them in bulk for your loved one and they will not have to purchase them for a while. 

  1. Tweezer Stand 

This tweezer stand is such a cute and functional addition to your lash area! 

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