Bella Lash 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is coming up and it can be hard to know what to get your loved ones. Lucky for you we have linked some of our favorite products that we know your friends and family will love! Who doesn’t love a good lash stock up or self care products for Christmas? Keep reading for more! 

  1.  500 Collection 

The 500 Collection is perfect for lash artists who want to create volume and mega volume looks as well as speed up their lashing time.

  1. Classic Lashes 

Classic lashes are perfect for every lash artist!  

  1.  Volume Lashes 

Volume lashes are perfect for artists that create volume and mega volume sets! 

  1.  Mega Volume Lashes 

Mega Volume lashes are perfect for anyone who specializes in mega volume sets. You can give your client that full look they have been waiting for! 

  1. Diamond Adhesive 

Diamond adhesive is perfect for experienced artists that want a medium viscosity and 1-2 sec dry time!  

  1.  Platinum+ Adhesive 

Platinum+ adhesive is another perfect adhesive for advanced lash artists. It has a thin viscosity and a 2-3 sec dry time! 

  1.  Lash Detox Bundle

This gentle water based cleanser is amazing for cleansing your eyelashes to help them stay strong and healthy! It also comes with our lash combo brush! 

  1.  Lash Cleanser with Make-up Remover 

What’s better than cleansing your lashes and taking off excess makeup? We have the perfect product just for that! 

  1. Infinity Lash

Infinity Lash is what you need to help your lashes become full, strong, long, healthy, and beautiful! 

  1.  Hydrogel Patches 

Hydrogel Patches are perfect for anyone! These under eye patches sooth, nourish, and moisturize your skin! 

  1.  Magnification Mirror 

Our Magnification Mirror is amazing for anyone! If you are someone that does makeup on the go, or if you’re someone that wants to show their clients their lashes close up; either way this is perfect for you! 

  1.  Bella Lash Sweatshirt 

How cute is this Bella Lash swag! It’s a cozy sweatshirt that also has matching sweats! 

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