Holiday Gift Guide: Client Edition

Client Holiday Gift Guide

During the holiday season it is always fun to give your clients a small gift and let them know how grateful you are for their loyalty to you. Most lash artists and clients become friends, so it is alway nice to show some extra love during the holidays. 

  1. Thank you cards 

Thank you cards with a sweet hand written note are the perfect cheap and simple gift. It shows your client how much you appreciate them. 

  1. Bella Lash Phone Popper 

Another cheap and easy gift is a phone popper. It’s fun and very useful for many. 

  1.  Lash Brush 

The lash brush is a great gift for many reasons, but one being this will help you clients wash their lashes more. This will help their lashes become healthier. 

  1. Hydrogel Patches 

Hydrogel patches are a great gift to give to your clients. You can buy a box of 10 and then give each client one packet. This is cheap and gives your clients a night of self care. 

  1. Mini Aftercare Kit 

A fun idea you could do with your clients is have all of them enter into a contest to win a mini aftercare kit. This way you are only buying one gift that is more expressive and it is something your clients will want!

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