Making the Beetle Juice Halloween Costume

The final look that we created was a feminine and beautiful Beetle Juice. How crazy is that? It seemed almost impossible to create a Beetle Juice that wasn’t an ugly, balding man. Our model, Shyanne, was a wonderful pick to be Beetle Juice. She had the attitude necessary to carry the costume, while still looking beautiful. Keep reading to learn how our team of talented professionals created this look!

Beetle Juice Halloween Look


We knew that our Beetle Juice’s wardrobe needed to be a more fashion forward version of the 1988 classic. We opted for some sleek flare pants and a long, duster jacket. We loved the black pointed-toe booties with this stylish outfit. We also did a cropped tee underneath to give her a little sex appeal while still being pretty modest. 

Womens Halloween Costumes


For the Beetle Juice’s hair, we decided to go with something a little bit messier. We had our model come in with day old hair to help with hold and volume. We used an 1 ½ “ curling iron to curl her hair and used a green hair color spray just at the roots to give it a green effect. We wanted her to have greenish looking hair but we also wanted her platinum blonde hair to be in the forefront. After we added the green, we went through, grabbing smaller sections of the hair and back combing each section with a teasing comb. We finished the look off with texturizing spray and hairspray to keep the hair in place and made any other little adjustments that were needed. Overall, this was an easy and simple look to achieve. It added the necessary Beetle Juice personality and grossness to the costume. 🙂 We love how it turned out.

Beetle Juice Beetle Juice


We had several ideas of what we wanted our Beetle Juice to look like. Making it clear that we wanted her to still be beautiful and not super hideous, our makeup artist, Katie, took our ideas and made them 100 times more beautiful. She mixed white foundation with Shyanne’s normal foundation tone to create a more white (or dead-like) base. She then contoured her face with the green splotches just like the original Beetle Juice. She then created a smokey eye using berry red and purple tones. Overall, she did a wonderful job creating the look we had envisioned.

Beetle Juice Makeup


Obviously, the most important part of this look was the lashes! These lashes were Mega Volume, thick and gorgeous. Nikki began by placing gel patches underneath both eyes and priming the lashes.  The outer corners had two different colors weaved into one another of green lashes. Nikki (one of our educators) then added gold glitter accent lashes. As you can see on the lash map, her green and gold lashes were carefully placed on the outer corners of our model’s eyes to give the look more drama. Nikki also did an expert job at shaping the eye to enhance Shyanne’s natural eye shape.   

Beetle Juice Lashes

Items Used to Create This Look:

Striped Duster

Striped Pants

Cropped Tee

Black Booties

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