Introducing the Bella Lash Academy: 4 Ways This Program Is Unlike Any Other

You may have seen a little something new when you‘ve looked at our Instagram, Facebook and website. After years of leading the industry in training, Bella Lash has impoved our approach to training future lash artists. Here are four ways that Bella Lash is revolutionizing eyelash extension training:

Bella Lash Training Manual


  1. With Bella Lash Academy, students will now receive a more comprehensive training. By combining both online and hands-on training, we know that students will feel more comfortable and confident before ever practicing eyelash extensions.  
  2. Bella Lash has listened to feedback from thousands of students around the world. Many students felt like they weren’t prepared enough to begin the hands-on portion of their training. Instead of learning all the theory in class, wasting valuable time with instructors, students will now have an interactive learning experience online. Online training builds a lash extension foundation before coming to class.  With that being said, students enrolled in the Bella Lash Academy learn at their own pace using the learning suite. The learning suite includes eyelash theory, interactive learning modules, videos and online quizzes. 
  3. When students are in class, they have to only focus on fine tuning their dexterity and techniques with an experienced instructor guiding them. There is no time wasted on learning about eyelash extension grow stages, sanitation, etc. Students should have thoroughly studied and learned that in the online portion of their training. Instructor will answer any questions and do a quick review of what students learned online. This system is set up so students will have more time to practice application on both models and mannequins with an instructor guiding them.
  4. To complete certification, students will submit photos of lash models through the online student portal for approval. Educators are able to give feedback and help students feel confident in their ability in becoming a certified lash artist as they better refine their skills. The student portal is key to this process. By keeping track of important documents, model consent forms, and allowing students to send in their photos, the student portal is a tool that will help students get certified and stay organized.

Bella Lash Certification


Our training program is different than all other training programs because of these four things! We are proud to say that we are dedicated to making the lash extension industry better as a whole. We are certain that students will feel more confident and ready for the challenge of running their own business or working for a salon. Classes start December 1st, 2018. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be prepared for the first class near you.

Please email with any questions regarding the Bella Lash Academy.

3 thoughts on “Introducing the Bella Lash Academy: 4 Ways This Program Is Unlike Any Other

  1. Beth Schinabeck says:

    Where can we purchase Bella lashes? I’m an aesthetics student just learning about extensions. Would love to try working with the Royal Lashes. They sound much easier to apply.

  2. Briana says:

    I’m a licensed Cosmetologist, looking to add to my skill set by learning permanent lashes. I’m interested in your certification program and would love more info regarding location, dates, and pricing of education
    Thank you so much!

  3. Brittany Glover says:

    How do I become certified in lash extensions. I would like to know more about how to get the education started so that I can get my employee enrolled.


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