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This month for Halloween, Bella Lash decided to change our good-girl and bubble gum pink persona to a more edgy adult woman. For the first look, our team knew it had to be to something that most people are familiar with but with a twist. This look ended up becoming hybrid of the comic book anti-hero Ghost Rider, a beautiful woman and your typical skull. We love how this entire look was built around a thick black lash line with pops of purple and silver glitter.

Woman Skull Halloween Look


We asked the model to bring her own jeans (so they fit like a glove), which was a the right choice. They created a slick line on her long legs while still providing the necessary edginess. We loved the distressed knees in the jeans because it gave an authentic biker look. 

Exact Pieces We Used: 

skull costume look


When it came time to decide what we would do with her hair, we knew some kind of braid would look best. We narrowed it down to a few different options, but in the end we decided to do a sleek ponytail with a mohawk braid (our model, Estefany, had long hair which was perfect for this look)!

Maggie, our marketing assistant and licensed cosmetologist, did a dutch braid down the center her head and secured it with a clear elastic. She then pulled all of Estefany’s hair into a low ponytail at the nape of her neck using a larger ponytail. As soon as the ponytail was how Maggie wanted, she removed the clear elastic at the end of the braid. Once the braid was finished, our hairstylist, Maggie, added a few finishing touches that made the hair look like it was an extension of Estefany’s spine and skull. First, she pulled apart the mohawk braid to make it fuller and more textured. Next, she wrapped the ponytail holder with a few pieces of hair from the ponytail. Lastly, she decided to add texture to the ponytail by ratting the hair and using texturizing spray.


Estefany’s face makeup was done by Katie Sumsion, a budding makeup artist located in Utah County. Katie coupled technical art skills with serious makeup skills and created the perfect look. A smokey-shimmery eye finished with winged liner added the needed glam to this harsh look. Because our model already had eyelash extensions, we didn’t feel it necessary to add any bottom eyeliner or mascara.

When it came time for the actual skull makeup, Katie completely nailed this look and succeed beyond whatever we had thought up for the look. She created crisp and sharp lines at the jaw (so that it kind of looked like a bandana). Then, Katie worked her way down onto the models neck and collar bone. The shading is beautiful which we know you already realized.


To complete this look, the perfect addition is obviously lashes. Lashes gave this look the needed drama and glam to make the look feminine yet edgy. Estefany came in the day before the shoot and had volume lashes applied with classic silver glitter lashes by our educator, Nikki Jacobsen. As you can see on the lash map, her purple lashes were a weaved on the outer corners to give a multi-dimensional look.

Woman Skull Halloween Makeup

Woman Skull Halloween Costume

Here’s the lash map Nikki followed to create the look:

Bella Lash Halloween Lash Map 1

Keep an eye out for the rest of October for the more Halloween lash looks!

Keep it beautiful,

Bella Lash

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