September Hot Look of the Month

This month we are featuring a gorgeous volume look from Bella Lash Talent Team member, Briauna Mason! Keep reading to see what she tips and ideas she since creating this gorgeous look!

Volume Lashes

What lashes did were used for this look?

 DD Curl Volume lashes .07 & .03 mix 4D-7D

Why did you choose this style?

My client wanted a dramatic look and was looking for depth!  I knew this combination would best suit her and give her the exact look she wanted.

What style would you classify this as?


What did products or tools did you use to create this set?

I used Bella Lash Diamond Adhesive (This is my favorite)!

Why did you choose to submit this set?

I love how this set turned out! She was so happy and so was I. She was literally glowing. I knew that I had given her the look she had been looking for.

What did you struggle the most with during the set?

My biggest struggle would be deciding how many of .07’s and .03’s I should use to get this dramatic look but still allowing the look to have depth.

Volume Lashes

Are there any tips that you would give to other lash artists?

Just keep on trying! Listen to your clients and try to truly understand what their expectations are! Also, don’t be afraid to help change expectations that may not be realistic (ie: someone who has sparse lashes wanting a mega volume look). Letting your client know all their options and being on the same page (both lash artist and client) will make all the difference!

How long did this set take you?

3 hours

Would you have changed anything?

Since this time, we have added more .03’s to add more fluff and blackness!

Below is Briauna’s lash map!September Hot Look Lash Map Bella Lash Volume Lashes

Thanks, Briauna for letting us feature your beautiful work!

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