Positioning Gel Patches

Any lash technician knows how essential gel patches are to the comfort of the client and the success of the lash set. But, every client is different and you may encounter a variety of eye types and sets. This can sometimes make it difficult to lash the inner and outer corners of the eye, especially if the lashes reach past the eye patch. Here’s some recommend gel patch positions that will help you reach every lash while still keeping yourself and your client comfortable.

Inner Corner:

Positioning Gel Patches

The baby hairs on the inside of the eye are often the hardest to reach. Position the gel patch so it starts about a third of the way from the inside of the eye. You can bring the rest of the gel patch up the bridge of the nose and have it end between the eyebrows. If this doesn’t work on your client, you can wait to lash the inner corners at the end of the set, and then cut the gel patch to fit.

Outer Corner:

Outer corners

For some lash artists, the outer corners are just as pesky to reach as the inner! We recommend repositioning your body and your gel patch to reach the outer corner of lashes. Simply start the gel patch a third of the way from the outside of the eye and place it so the edge curves around the natural lash line. This position is extremely helpful when shaping the outer corners.



 Now that you know you can replace your gel patches, you can focus on the center lashes while the gel patch is placed in the classic position. When in this position, it’s helpful to map out what lengths you will place on your client. Starting out shaping with a classic gel patch position is ideal, because you can work your way from the center out.




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