Making Friends in the Lash Industry

Hi Bellas! For Lash Tip Tuesday, we have a special guest post from the ladies behind the scenes of Bold Eye Artistry.  Their mission is to bring together Lash Artists and spread positivity throughout the industry. Check our their post below:

making friends in the lash industry

As we all know, the beauty industry is known for being highly competitive and often cutthroat. And while competition can be a positive thing, it can unfortunately lean the other way. In an industry as new as eyelash extensions, we as lash artists should be leaning on each other! Not tearing each other down. Making relationships within your own industry is an amazing way to grow your business and social media is the perfect platform to meet and draw inspiration from fellow lash artists. Here are two of our favorite social media platforms for making friends within the eyelash extension industry.


Instagram is amazing platform for connecting with lash artists from around the globe. In a five minute span you can see work from someone in Australia, compliment someone from Russia on doing an amazing set, and ask a question about which product was used from someone in California. Come on, how amazing is that!? If you see work that you find inspiring let that lash artist know! As artist we love when our work is admired, and who wouldn’t like to receive a compliment from someone on the other side of the world?  Lash artists, as well as eyelash extension product companies, often post tips/tricks and how-to videos on their Instagram pages. It’s also a place to get up to date industry news. If you don’t have an Instagram account specifically for your lash business, stop what you’re doing and go set one up immediately! Not only can you meet and build relationships with fellow lash artists and continue your education, it can help you find new clients.


There are several Facebook pages dedicated specifically to eyelash extensions. Often you can find a page just for lash artists in your state. Joining these pages is a great way to feel apart of the eyelash extension community! It’s the perfect platform for meeting fellow lash artists, asking questions, venting about difficult clients and finding inspiration. If you’re just starting out don’t be afraid to reach out to lash artists you admire and ask them for advice. Or if you’re an experienced lash artist reach out to someone looking for advice and be a mentor to them! Often we get in the mindset that helping someone else achieve means less business for us. Let’s instead, get in the mindset that there is enough business for everyone.

At Bold Eye Artistry we are all about building each other up! Celebrating the beautiful work we see is the best part of our job. We hope to make the lash community a positive place where people feel comfortable sharing their work! At the end of the day we’re all more alike than we are different and we all share a common goal; to do a beautiful set of lashes and make our clients feel good about themselves. And that’s pretty awesome.

4 thoughts on “Making Friends in the Lash Industry

  1. Diana says:

    Where can I find an Bella eyelash extension artist in the Miami area

    1. Laura says:

      We recommend looking up the hashtag #miamilashes on Instagram!


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