3 Reasons to Sell Aftercare Products to Your Clients

Why do we care so much about aftercare at Bella Lash? We are always talking about the need for cleansers, sealers and more to help extend the life of your clients’ eyelash extensions.

Although we might seem like we are just crazy for cleansers, we actually have good reason for taking the time to educate lash artists and clients alike when it comes to aftercare. All of our products are created to make the experience of having lash extensions better for both the client and the lash artist. Keep reading to learn about why you should sell aftercare products to your clients.

1. More Money

As a lash artist, your income depends on you. If you are a stay a home mom on top of being a lash artist, you might not want to be doing lashes sun up to sun down. Maybe lashes aren’t your main gain, but you enjoy doing a few fills or sets a couple times a week. Regardless of your personal situation, retailing an aftercare line for lash extensions is smart business. adding an aftercare line to sell would be a simple way to increase your cash flow quickly, especially if you take the time to educate clients on why they need aftercare products. Wondering how to sell aftercare products? Read this. 

2. Less Work

Yes, you read that correctly. How can selling aftercare make less work for you? Aftercare is a powerful tool in eliminating retention issues. It can make it so lashes aren’t falling out prematurely, the lash line is less prone to infection and more. When clients who are using after care come for a fill, typically they have more care for their lashes. The lash line is free of makeup and yucky residue that comes from sleeping, sweating or more. This makes your fill time faster which in turn means that you have more opportunities to do more full sets and fills.

3. Client Eye Health

The main benefit of our aftercare line is to help eyes stay healthy. No one wants an eye infection, especially a goopy eye when you have lash extensions. It just makes a whole big mess.  Aftercare products are specifically made to be gentle on your clients’ eyes while still getting rid of impurities. All of our lash cleanser penetrate deeply for a better clean than baby shampoo or water alone.

Our new 50 ml Lash Detox is the perfect size to retail to clients to help them keep their eyes and lashes clean. They can now use the same cleanser that they’ve tried before at lash appointments at home. Because it is a foaming detergent, it will stay more easily on the client’s face and not run down. Clients will love the foaming Lash Detox cleanser because it won’t sting their eyes like other harsh detergents on the market.  

Enjoy your new found income and your clients clean lash lines with our aftercare line!


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