Lash Tip Tuesday: Keeping Your Adhesive in Top Shape

Adhesive! It can be a lash artist’s best friend or worst enemy. Adhesive bottles can be tricky to navigate when you are trying to keep your adhesive good as long as possible. We’ve compiled a few quick tips to help ensure the best life for your adhesive possible.

Lash Extension Adhesive Tips

1. Avoid cotton cleaning pads, Q-Tips, etc. A scary thing about adhesive is that there is an obvious chemical reaction when cotton comes in contact with cyanoacrylate. Because of this issue, we recommend using our lint free tape to clean the tip of your adhesive bottle instead of a cotton round. See an example of what we mean here.

2. Proper techniques should be followed strictly when adhesive is poured out, applied to lashes and disposed. Make sure you are paying careful attention when working with adhesive to avoid chemical reactions or burning the skin or eyes.

3. Shake your bottle of adhesive rigorously before each use. The adhesive is properly mixed once you have shaken it for about 30 to 60 seconds. Our adhesives need to be shaken before use because they have different chemicals that need to be properly mixed before use. This will ensure proper bonding and glue texture, which in turn will give you the best results when applying lash extensions.

4. Change your adhesive drop every 30 minutes when lashing. You will notice a significant difference if you aren’t changing your adhesive enough. It will be tacky on your jade stone or in an adhesive cup, which it really should never be tacky when dipping extensions in it.

5. Don’t forget to burp your adhesives! Burp the adhesive bottle by squeezing the sides gently and wipe the nozzle with our lint-free tape. You want to make sure it is wiped properly to make sure the nozzle doesn’t get stuck to the cap. If this does happen to you, you unfortunately will probably never be able to get the adhesive open again.

If all of these tips fail you, it’s probably time for a new adhesive. Please contact with any questions you may have about your adhesive.


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  1. Meg Wagner says:

    Would you show how to use all the products aftercare and before care together for the placement process please?


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