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Eyelash Extension Care

3 Reasons to Sell Aftercare Products to Your Clients

Why do we care so much about aftercare at Bella Lash? We are always talking about the need for cleansers, sealers and more to help extend the life of your clients’ eyelash extensions. Although we might seem like we are just crazy for cleansers, we actually have good reason for taking the time to educate …

How to Sell Eyelash Extension Aftercare;
Eyelash Extension Care

How to Sell Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Aftercare, aftercare, aftercare. You are probably tired of hearing us drill on aftercare. But, aftercare is such an important part of the eyelash extension process, that we decided to create top-of-the-line products. We created these products with the end user and the eyelash extensions technician in mind. If you decide to market and sell aftercare, …