5 Tips To Speed Up Lashing Time

One frequently asked question in the industry is “how do I speed up my lashing time?”. 

We get it. In the lashing world, time really does equal money. If you are able to lash faster and service more clients during the day, the more money you will acquire. One important thing to remember when increasing speed is to not compromise the quality of your lash sets. 

Bella has compiled 5 easy things you can do to increase your lashing time without decreasing the quality.

1. Be Prepared

Have everything laid out and ready to go! When your client arrives, you won’t have to waste any appointment time getting your products and tools ready. Or stopping mid appointment to grab any needed supplies. Have your tape ready, have multiple tweezers laid out, make sure the lashes are ready on your tile, etc. This will also make your client feel like you’re set and ready to go for them!

2. Find a lashing technique that works for you

figure out what lashing technique you prefer and stick to it! It can be lashing one eye at a time or going back and forth between each eye. By not switching up your lashing style, you’ll build muscle memory and lashing speedily!

3. Limit talking

Sometimes talking with your clients can slow you down. Your focus tends to drift to the conversation more so than lashing. It’s still okay to chit-chat with your clients, but allow them to relax and take a nap if possible! That way you’re able to just focus on lashing. It’s also helpful if the client silences their phone. We have the occasional client that likes to ask you to check who called/texted them and it can take time away from lashing.

4. Lash the harder lashes first

This includes the inner and outer corner lashes. When you lash those first, you won’t feel rushed at the end of the service and there’s less chance to make any mistakes. Once the harder lashes are done first, you’ll be able to fly through the rest of the set!

5. Practice, practice, practice

With experience will come speed. Keep lashing and improving your skills. This is a sure way to increase your lashing rate! Be patient and positive with yourself that you’ll reach your goals. 

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