Weight vs Diameter

There is a common misconception that weight and diameter are the same when it comes to lash extensions. For example, many will say that one 0.20mm extension would be the equivalent weight of two 0.10mm extensions. This is completely false! Refer to the graphic below to see how it is incorrect:

As you can see, two 0.10 extensions fit side by side in the 0.20 extension with a lot of negative space surrounding them. This is also proof that two 0.10 extensions would equal significantly less than the 0.20 extension. It’s also another reference as to how Mega Volume lashing is actually healthier for our natural lashes.

Weight and diameter do fall hand in hand when lashing! Every natural lash is different and therefore the weight it can handle will be different. You are able to decide what the natural lash can support by understanding the weights of each diameter. Doing so will help keep the natural lashes healthy and therefore your client will be able to keep getting lash extensions for a long time!

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