Why Train With Bella Lash!

Why the Lash Industry?

Every day, more and more people are finding themselves researching the lash industry and how to become a part of it. Here are the three main reasons people are choosing lash artistry as their career:

1. Schedule flexibility
2. High salary earning
3. Potential to become own boss

Bella Lash is Here to Help!

The goal at Bella Lash is to teach you how to safely and properly apply eyelash extensions. Our training is specifically designed by lash artists and educators with cutting-edge techniques to help you succeed. With the right tools, methods, and training philosophy, you will receive a specially designed opportunity to discover your potential in creating beautiful, long-lasting lash extensions.

The Bella Lash Training Experience

Learn Online

The student portal is designed for busy students to learn anywhere, at their own pace, on any device. Students learn lash theory online in an interactive educational experience. The online class prepares students for Step 2, a rigorous hands-on in-person training.

Hands-On Training

Each course dives deep into all of Bella’s unique methods. You’ll have the opportunity for hands-on demonstrations with tools, products, and techniques. Every student receives side by side mentorship with elite educators as you work on a live model.

Certificate Completion

After completing the online and hands-on training, students will then move onto the certification process. Students will submit photos of lash models for approval from their educator and Bella Lash. Bella Lash Educators can give feedback and help students feel confident in their ability to become a Bella Lash certified lash artist.


Before enrolling in a lash certification course, you want to ensure that you have the correct licensing. Most states require you to obtain a Cosmetologist or Esthetician license in order to perform eyelash extensions. Be sure to check what your state requires before making the commitment!

Bella Lash Educators

 Bella Lash is dedicated to offering the most innovative and progressive education in the industry. All of our educators are individually trained with unique methods and techniques to give future lash artists an advantage. There are Bella Lash Educators located all over the globe. This allows future students to receive a personable and unforgettable training experience.

Convinced now? Use these links to find a training location near you!

Classic: https://bellalash.com/pages/classic-course

Volume: https://bellalash.com/pages/volume-course

Lash Lift: https://bellalash.com/pages/lash-lift-course

If you have any further questions, please send an email to education@bellalash.com!

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  1. Jessica Cedillo says:

    Hello, I’m a student of Bella lash and would like more Information on becoming an educator to train students.


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