What’s In My Lash Room?

Everyone has certain things in their lash room that they cannot live without, whether it be products, decorations, storage, etc. If you are wanting to find ways to elevate your lash room you came to the right place! Today I interviewed our Master Lash Artist, Amanda about her favorite products, decorations, necessities, and ways to make your lash room a fun and comfortable place. 

First let’s talk about products!

Her top 3 lashing products are Onyx Adhesive, Crystallized Fans, and the Classic Petit Tweezers. All of these are great products that help elevate your lashing.

Her next top 3 products are items that are in her lash room but not lash products. Amanda loves her three tier storage cart. She keeps this right by her lash bed and is able and can fit everything he needs on it. She also loves that it is on wheels and can be moved easily if necessary.

She also loves her Glamcor lights. She loves them because they are easy to move and navigate. They are also very bright and make it easy to see and help create great before and after pictures.

The last item she absolutely loves in her lash room is the gold mirror that is hung on the wall. Having a mirror in your lash room is a great item to have. It is such a fun and cute decoration, but it is also a place where your clients can go look at their new lashes and you are able to see their reaction and the confidence they gain.

If you have not tried any of these products or are looking for new products or items to put into your lash room try one of these. It might be your new favorite.  It is also important to create a fun and uplifting environment for your clients. You can do this in many ways, but one example is fun decorations. Find something that really stands out to you that you absolutely love and make it the centerpiece of your room. It can be a quote,  mirror, piece of furniture, etc. Another way to create a fun and uplifting atmosphere is to have a bright room. When a room is bright it feels very happy and can boost your mood.

Another tip is to make your space comfortable. Make sure you have a Lash Pillow, blanket, knee bolster, consistent temperature, music, and ask how they are doing frequently. This helps your client feel cared about and comfortable. They will be able to relax and love the service you are giving them. When you create this type of environment your clients are going to want to come back!

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