Year in Review – 2021 Edition

What a year! I can honestly say that this has been the most challenging years in business that we have ever had. I’m sure that you can all relate as well. I would have never imagined the broad sweeping repercussions of Covid-19 and that we would still be dealing with all of this. I think for me, the underlying theme of 2021 was perseverance. We all had to put our heads down and get to work to keep up with the extreme whip lash of the pandemic. 

Supply chain has been, and still is the most challenging aspect of our business. We have recruited some amazing people to help us with this. Hopefully you have noticed the great improvements that we have made this year. We have seen stock outs as high as 300 skus, but are now consistently below 20 most of the time. The goal is to have 0 stock outs, and we are working aggressively towards this. 

Some of the more interesting things that we have seen this year are that pre-made fans continue to grow as a category. Most people are now using pre-made fans! I think it’s a combination of better products/ technology in pre-made fans and the drastic time savings that you get as a lash artist that are propelling this. The time saved by these lashes is a very positive improvement for our industry. 

The industry has continued to grow despite continued lockdowns and covid restrictions. Lashes remain one of the most important pieces in the beauty routine. Waking up, feeling your best is such a critical part of what we do for our clients. This growth during a pandemic is a testament to the power of semi-permanent lashes. 

Haley and I continue to focus on faster and better ways to get lashes on more people. We are heavily investing in better products and technology to do this. We have great things planned for 2022 and cannot wait to share a whole new way to lash with the world soon!

Zach Chipman

Co-Founder & CEO, Bella Lash

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