The One and Only Lash Pod!

Our Lash Pod is one of the best, most efficient, lashing tools on the market. You know Bella Lash is here to make your job as easy as possible! We take pride in creating products that no other company has even thought of creating. Here is everything you need to know about our Lash Pod!

Lash Pod Curved Surface

  1.  1. Bella’s Lash Pod features our patented curved surface.
    1.           This surface is ideal for lashing because it allows the eyelash extensions to easily separate or fan during pickup.
  1. 2. It is currently under pending patent.
    1.           Once the patent goes through, our Lash Pod will be double patented with the overall design of the pod, and the curved                     surface on top.
  1. 3. It has an adjustable strap.
    1.           The Lash Pod’s adjustable strap attaches easily, quickly, comfortably, and firmly to your hand.
  1. 4. The back is covered in memory foam.
    1.           The memory foam surface on the back helps the pod sit comfortably on your hand during application.

Lash Pod Adhesive Cups

  1. 5. The adhesive cup is removable.
    1.           To make it so you don’t have to struggle to clean adhesive off the pod, the cup is removable and replaceable and the pod                 comes with 25 of them.
  1. 6. The curved surface rotates 360 degrees.
    1.           The Lash Pod is designed to be used by anyone. With the adjustable strap AND the rotating top, you are guaranteed to find             your lashing sweet spot.
  1. 7. The pod should be worn on the side of your hand between your thumb and index finger.
    1.           In the video shown below, it shows the proper placement of the Lash Pod on a hand. It should be worn there so adhesive                 doesn’t spill out of the cup and your hands don’t have to move much during application.

Bella Lash's Lash Pod Application System

Overall, Bella’s Lash Pod is ergonomically friendly, hygienic, professional, and comfortable. It keeps everything you need in an organized and tight space, speeding up the lashing process.

Watch the video below to see the proper way to place, attach, and use the Lash Pod!

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  1. Lili says:

    I clicked on the direcf link to the Bella Pod but it just takes me to your main home page. I wasn’t able to search for it on your site. Would love to inquire about the price to purchase. Thanks!


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