How To Style Holiday Lashes: Valentine’s Day Edition

holiday lashes Valentine's Day Colored Eyelash Extensions

Whether or not you have a significant other… Valentine’s Day is about LOVE! And two things you can love this season are YOURSELF, and Bella Lash!


How can you love anything else without loving yourself first?! As an eyelash extension artist, you make people feel beautiful about themselves EVERY DAY. You are seriously a miracle worker! You create transformations in people that they never knew possible. You’re amazing. And you make everyone around you feel amazing. Bella Lash is SO proud of you!

Thank you for always working your hardest and pushing your limits to make this industry even more beautiful than anyone ever thought possible!

We want to reward you guys with 10% off all of our ombre and colored lashes!


We love adding a little bit of sugar and spice to our lash sets! Sometimes, all you need is a little color to make your clients lashes more festive and ready for the upcoming holiday. Here are two fun ways to style your client’s lashes for Valentine’s Day!

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Adding a bit of red or pink to the outer corners, or even supplementing it with some glitter adds a bit of charm to any set! It gives a flirty vibe (which is perfect for Valentine’s Day) or any other holiday for that matter. Who doesn’t love to flirt?!

Holiday Eyelash ExtensionsPink and Silver Glitter Lashes Bella Lash Eyelash Extensions

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For the clients who want a very faint color set, ombre is PERFECT for them!! Ombre eyelash extensions add a subtle color to the tips of your clients lashes and look stunning. Perfect for the holidays!

Ombre Eyelash Extensions Valentines Day Eyelash Extensions Red Eyelash Extensions

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

XOXO, Bella

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