The New And Improved Double Tile!


So many new products coming your way!! We absolutely love showering our Bella’s with the latest and greatest eyelash extension products. So stay tuned, because this isn’t the last one!!


Yes, Bella Lash patented the Lash Tile quite a while ago, and it has definitely been a favorite among many. The tile allows you to easily handle the eyelash strips and glue during the application process. The curved surface forces the ends of each eyelash extension to spread further apart, making it easier and faster for application. No wonder everyone loves it!


So what’s different about the new one?


Our new tile has an easy release jade stone holder, holds multiple rows of eyelash extensions, can be organized by length and size, and it has a sleek innovative look and logo!


The biggest difference is the jade stone holder. There used to be only one release divot, now there are two, so the stone can be picked up easily.


Bella is making your job easier, quicker, and better one product at a time!



XOXO, Bella


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