Want to be a Volume Pro?

Bella Lash has yet ANOTHER new product on the market!! Our constant innovation and progress keeps us at the top of the eyelash extension product industry. We love our Bella’s and always want to stay ahead of the game for YOU.

Introducing…. our new Volume Pro Tweezers!!

volume pro tweezers

Featuring a high surface area at the foot of the tweezers, volume lashing becomes a million times easier!

The large base helps create and hold fans perfectly.

Volume Pro Tweezers Close Up

Perfect tip closure allows for perfect lash grip.

Volume Pro Tweezers Large Surface Area

The surface area at the foot is ribbed to prevent slipping.

Volume Pro Tweezers Ribbed Surface Area

Gripping those lashes will now be easier than EVER before and you will be a Volume Pro in NO TIME!

You’re welcome <3

XOXO, Bella

3 thoughts on “Want to be a Volume Pro?

  1. Tülay okur says:

    Hi bella lashi m from turkey.i know too far country to usa.i m beauty specialist and lash artist.i didnt find excellent lashes in my country.i m buying from aliexpress by china.i dont want this.please help me.thanks a lot.

    1. Bella Lash says:

      Hi!! We ship to Turkey! You are absolutely welcome to purchase from our site! Our products are all formulated and made in the U.S.A. with the best and safest products!! You can purchase by making an account on our website: http://www.bellalash.com


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