Brown Eyelash Extensions: Why You’re Missing Out

Brown Eyelash Extensions

Some clients like a very bold, full set.

Some clients like a very natural classic set.

But what about the clients that want a natural looking set, but still want the fullness of a bold set?

The answer is easy…


Natural Eyelash Extensions

Yes, it’s that easy!

Think about it… brown is the most natural and prominent eyelash color. So to keep it natural, brown is the way to go!


     -Clients who are blonde or red headed can wear them and still have a pretty bold look, without the dramatic change           from blonde to complete black.

     -If your favorite style of black is out of stock, brown is the perfect go-to

     -Brown is friendly to those who have never had eyelash extensions before. First time users always seem to be a little hesitant, and this will help them ease into the bold, stunning look you know they’ll eventually want!

If you haven’t already, get your brown eyelash extensions before you lash a client that needs them!

Brown Lashes

XOXO, Bella

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